The most common mistakes happen to everybody, so check them regardless of your pride and computer knowledge

1. Extremely Strict Files Structure

Don’t put WickedWhims into folders, the game can’t find the files in them.
Files structure of mods is extremely strict and putting mod files into too many folders will cause the game to not find them. If the files are just two folders deep, you need to fix that! Keep WickedWhims files directly in the Mods folder! The limit is one folder deep!

This message is directed especially to MacOS users.

How to know if you did it right?

  1. Turn the game on.

  2. Open the Game Options.

  3. Open the Other settings menu.

  4. Click the 'View Custom Content' button.

If you don't see either the "TURBODRIVER_WickedWhims_Tuning" under "Custom Content" or "TURBODRIVER_WickedWhims_Scripts" under the "Script Mods" - You Did It Wrong!

Follow the instructions #2 and #1.

2. Enabling Auto-Disabled Mods

Your mods will be disabled after the game updates and you need to enable them manually.
Every single time the game gets updated, all of your mods will be disabled. You have to open Game Options, enable mods, apply changes, turn off the game and then turn on the game again. Check out the Manual Installation page for more information on how to enable mods in the Game Options.

3. Updating Everything

Mods will simply ruin your whole game if you don't keep them updated.
The biggest issues are always from using outdated or broken mods that affect the working ones in unpredictable ways and eventually break your game. After downloading and installing custom content, you always have to assume that you have broken mods.
Keeping your game updated is really important as well, and you can find what versions of the game are supported by WickedWhims at the Download page.

4. Extracting Downloaded Content

Archives (.zip .rar .7z) have to be extracted or the mod will not work.
The game only accepts PACKAGE and TS4SCRIPT files. If you put any other files into the 'Mods' folder, nothing will happen.
To extract archives you need an Archive Manager. If your system doesn't provide one by default, try these:

It is common for 7-ZIP to cause issues when extracting ZIP or RAR archives. It's recommended to use a different archive manager application!

5. Removing Old Files

Not removing all files when updating, but just overriding them, will lead you to doom.


Keeping multiple versions of a mod intentionally or by mistake will cause problems (like missing text). If your mods folder is a mess, you probably have the same mod installed multiple times. Having WickedWhims installed multiple times or keeping old files is a huge mistake. Remove EVERYTHING related to WickedWhims and install it fresh.